FeelWheel App

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What started as a practical joke between friends, turned into a fun personal project. I was first inspired to make a simple, one function app after reading about the popularity of the App called “Yo!”. Whilst FeelWheel isn’t meant for the mainstream, an iOS developer friend of mine at ZeroesApps really liked the concept and we collaborated in our spare time to make this project a reality.

The initial concept was just to communicate your emotional status, without the need for words. The simple dial input screen was so intuitive that my 3 your old son saw me playing with it and asked to play with it. In no time, the App was dubbed “the smiley game” and he was able to enter his status without my direction.

After watching him and other kids (yes, even the adult variety) get enjoyment out of the simplicity, we made the App a “closed communication tool”, meaning only people you physically meet, can become friends. The App must be installed on two iPhones and when in the vicinity of said friend, devices are shaken in order to connect. This security measure was meant to ensure if children were to use the App, only friends who have met in person can connect. We also made the conscious decision for the App to be internet based, as many children may have an iPod Touch, thus not being able to use a mobile number to connect.

We threw in some animation and a simple reporting feature to see the frequency of our moods. The App was purposely designed to have a minimal interface, so users focus on the experience. It’s through play and exploration that more features are revealed.

Right now we have run out of time to continue developing it, however we still find the time to use it. Especially on those evenings after a frustrating day at work.


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Artwork


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Coda