Pixel perfect design is BS.

Don’t agree? Well let me explain. A wise person once said to me that nothing in this world is perfect. So when people say they look for pixel perfect design, I cringe. We can of course aim to achieve perfect, but design is such a subjective thing, that creating perfect pixels seems like a pointless pursuit. The solution may be in this particular moment perfect and for one person, but what happens in 5 minutes time? What about a week? A year?

Pixel perfect design put into context, is something we should all aim for. For example if you said you wanted me to design the perfect User Experience, I would probably choke on my espresso. If however you made that statement defined within some parameters, it is something achievable. For example, the design could be considered “perfect” if the statistics prove there is a measured increase in on-site engagement, suddenly the goal becomes much more attainable.

So when I approach design, I’m not measuring my pixels, but measuring results and return on investment. I take the approach of aiming to design and build a  Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which can then be measured against real user’s feedback. For me design is never truly finished. Using feedback in shorter bursts to design/build/test has proven to me to be a better way of getting better results. You can call this Agile development, Kanban methodology, or what ever suits, but again, I’m not one to waste time on terminology. The end result is what counts.

If this approach to design sounds appealing, then it sounds like you are the type of client I can work well together with. Check out more examples of my work, or get in touch with me.