LED Animated Sports Signage


Whilst working for Out & About Marketing Media (OAMM), I was responsible for building up the in-house team that provided  LED animated signage services. We delivered animated signage seen both at the stadiums and on TV across Australia and New Zealand. I had the pleasure of working with top brands, creating memorable signage experiences and work for a great organisation.

To ensure brand exposure was maximised, we developed techniques to ensure logos and messages featured prominently. The LED systems are a technical marvel, running in all weather conditions, which provided creative freedom with the content we could create.

Originally the animations were created used Adobe Flash, but hey, that was when Flash was actually cool. As the technology evolved, so have the tools used to create them. 3D software and Adobe After-Effects has meant signage designs can be ever more complex but still answer the basic need of grabbing audience attention and delivering the message that resonates with them.

The content in the slider shows footage of signage used at the National Rugby League (NRL).


  • Planning and production
  • Designing each concept
  • Packaging file for LED delivery


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After-Effects