Painkillers ODW


The Painkiller Odenwald paintball organisation required a branding solution. The concept needed to include a elements from the German State of Hessen und represent it in a fun way. They play at various locations in Europe, so coming across as friendly, yet proudly German was a requirement that I tried to reflect in the solution.

We decided on using the Hessen Lion and included a paintball marker in one hand and the (in)famous Hessen beer “stein” (bembel). We tried a few variations of the logo on different mediums, until we received a unanimous agreement to the solution shown above. We created a very large poster that is hung at events they attend and a patch worn on the shoulder of all team members.


  • Design
  • Artwork production


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Photos supplied and approved by Patch Onkel and Patrick Vogel