RHD Animation


Our original purpose for the project was to improve website visibility and search page ranking. One discussion lead to us looking for existing TANSS® clients to create a hyperlink back to the product’s website.

In order for us to be able to ask our clients to do this, we felt we needed to give them something first. Most of our clients work in the IT industry and lack their own marketing team, so we decided to create a simple video that would promote the client’s services, through the use of the TANSS® software.

We developed a very minimal style for the video, so it could easily incorporate the company’s logo and integrate with their own branding requirements. The message needed to be simple, but provided us with creative freedom to build compelling animations.

A simple website and email was produced to notify clients of the availability of the video. Almost one third of the invitees responded by supplying us with their logos, to produce the personalised videos. We thought this to be quite the success when based our own expectation of a 5% response rate and the number of overall clients we have .


  • Planning and production
  • Wireframing of concept
  • Artstyle for video
  • Animation and Effects
  • Documentation and sharing of video


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder