TANSS Brochure


Before the CeBIT 2015 event, a TANSS® information brochure was required to supplement the live demonstrations of the software. The brief was to keep the content simple and the style to be very minimalist, but still contain enough useful information for interested attendees.

Key elements of the brochure content included highlighting the various software modules, and a brief overview of what the software promises. The idea was to inform, but not bore the reader and provide a clear call to action (which was to contact us for a demonstration).

For the brochure we decided to use a non-standard format, which was still small enough to easily carry around, but not too small to get lost. The glossy finish chosen was to reflect the brand we envisage for our software product.


  • Planning
  • Designing content
  • Artstyle decisions
  • Production
  • Print proofing


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop