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War is a Racket” is a personal pursuit of mine. I read this great short book, which was originally a speech by Major General Smedley D Butler that he gave in the time between World War I and World War II. He went from a life long military man, to an anti-war campaigner after realising the motive behind the wars he had fought in.

The book’s message really resonated with me, especially in today’s times, where we see military contractors bringing in large profits from all the wars being fought today. Although I have a copy of the original speech, it was hard for me to just recommend people read it and I didn’t feel other online versions were that appealling to site visitors.

I took the freely available content and created a simple style to display the content in a more meaningful way. It is very text heavy, so I had to use a simple font that could be read on various devices, that wouldn’t tire the eyes but still suit the style of the website. I then adapted an existing WordPress theme and included a few plugins.

Although the project will forever be a work in progress, I am hoping to build up an audience who can help spread this important message. I am looking to include a voting system and producing more content which relates the book to current news.


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